Tree Surgery Bedford UK

Tree Surgery Bedford UK

Tree surgery is a term used to describe the treating of trees to prevent or control decay in trees. It may also be used to describe the procedures utilized in the field of tree care. Tree surgery
Bedford UK provides professional services to the trees that come under its care.

Some of the services that are offered by tree surgery Bedford Uk include:

1. Tree Removal

Despite the misleading appearance, removing a tree is a delicate matter that should not be attempted by untrained individuals. This is because the chances of injury or destruction of
private property are very high.

Tree surgery Bedford UK provides highly trained staff who know all the different methods of tree removal. These methods include the following;

Straight Felling

Felling is the action of taking down individual trees. Felling involves chopping down the entire tree as is. Felling is usually done where there is enough space for the tree to fall safely.

Section Felling or Dismantling

This is taking down a tree in segments and is done mainly due to limitations in space.

Dismantling is an extremely efficient in taking down a tree in residential areas that have no space for the tree to fall safely. It is far more complex, requiring using of pulleys and ropes and skilled

Tree surgery Bedford UK is capable of handling both types of tree removals. The technically trained staff have enough experience and judgment to successfully use the pulleys, ropes and zip
lines to do a tree dismantling in customers back yard.

2. Stump Grinding and Maintenance

After the felling of a tree, the stump, which involves the roots of the tree and the bottom part of the tree stem are also removed. This may comprise several means that require tree surgery
Bedford UK staff including:

• Use of powerful stump grinders that chop the stump into tiny pieces
• Use of chemicals to kill stumps when it is not necessary to remove them
• Use of excavators to pull them out of the ground manually
• Transform them into different projects such as seats or pot stands, though this option is not available to all kinds of trees.

3. Crown Reduction

This is the process which involves reducing the number of branches at the crown of a tree. It is typically done to increase the amount of light penetrating past the crown. It also helps to reduce
wind loading by decreasing the sail effect which would occur on a crown that is loaded. Tree surgery Bedford UK can provide these services using professional staff and at a great price.